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AVE’s Activity in 2016

The use of waste as alternative fuel and secondary raw material in Portugal.

AVE - Gestão Ambiental e Valorização Energética turnover amounted 10,240,621 euros in 2017. The figure reflects the 404,898 tons of waste managed by the company, of which 286,917 tons accounted for Alternative Fuels (AF).

The relationship with the tire industry, through its hiring with its managing entity, Valorpneu, allowed to continue establishing a relationship with the homologous entity of Spain and France and with operators of the Netherlands and England, thus allowing to import fragmented tires (Chips). The amount of tires and their fragments that were moved to the plants amounted to 65.175 tons in 2017.

AVE - Gestão Ambiental e Valorização Energética, was also responsible for managing 161.732 tons in 2017 of Refuse-derived Fuel (RDFs).

During the year 2017, experiences of pellet consumption were successfully carried out, which allows to consider this flow as strategic for the future.

Container imports have made it possible to increase the competitiveness and diversity of supply from new origins in the CDR flow.

The Industrial Hazardous Waste (HIW's) line that undergo a prior treatment at the blending facilities with preparation capacity provided for a total of 23.615 tons in 2017.

The mobilization of secondary raw materials, resulting from activity related to current actions, reached in 2017 a total quantity of 59,753 tons.

Market Position

The clarification of Alternative Fuels (AF) evaluation rules, based on a policy that provides a win-win relationship, has served as based for AVE – Gestão Ambiental e Valorização Energética’s proposals to be well received in the by enterprises, the economy and society as a whole in the country.

Recognized in the waste sector for its skils, technical and know-how in carrying out the activity, AVE was invited in 2017 to participate in public events of the Environment sector, as the 10 International Technical Waste Conference or the European initiative of CemFuels Conference (www.cemfuels.com/conferences/global-fuels/introduction), where the General Director of AVE was recognized as Project Manager Of the Year.

The year 2017 was also the year in which AVE affirmed its commitments to sustainability and to the principles of circular economy. It is worth mentioning the integration in several working groups, constituted within the Smart Waste Portugal Association (www.smartwasteportugal.com/pt) , as the one that studied the destination of the rest fraction of mechanical treatments and biologists of the solid urban waste in the country, from which fuels derived from waste, or the one that studies the management of construction and demolition waste. At the end of the year, AVE also integrated the working group for the formation of the ASWP proposal to be submitted to the Secretariat of State for the Environment in the scope of the review of PERSU 2020.

These initiatives complement the efforts that have been made in recent years to promote the activity of coprocessing, introducing the concept of material valorization, with technical recognition of the incorporation of the mineral fraction of the coprocessed wastes in the clinker matrix.

The company continued to identify technical solutions to improve the quality of the CDR's on the market, particularly with regard to the reduction of moisture in urban solid waste.

In this regard, AVE – Gestão Ambiental e Valorização Energética optimized the exercise of laboratory analysis of the chemical and thermal components of AFs. This department is essential to support waste procurement and the essential quality control that will help ensure AF’s quality and stability alongside with economic evaluation.

In addition to the calorific parameters, chlorine and humidity, AVE – Gestão Ambiental e Valorização Energética, SA proceeded to implement two more analysis parameters, ash and grain size, essential for the process of assessing the quality / value of alternative fuels.

AVE – Gestão Ambiental e Valorização Energética, SA was incorporated in October 2003 with waste management purpose and its material or energy valorization for the cement industry using the co-processing method.


The co-processing consists of the complete destruction of waste - previously prepared and identified as suitable for replacing fossil fuel and / or raw materials in clinker production in cement kilns, ensuring product quality standards, energy efficiency and environmental protection in line with the official certification of these plants.

The use of waste as fuel and / or alternative raw material contributes to the preservation of limited and not renewable natural resources. Despite being part of an industrial process, co-processing of waste in cement kilns does not imply any excess - since there is no residual waste - or any environmental liabilities.

This technique widely used in various countries around the world since 1976 is scientifically proven as one of the best environmental and economic solutions as final destination of numerous waste streams, assuming as a preferred solution for the sustainable development of contemporary society.